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Thrive Market Organic Food

Have you tried Thrive Market for the best organic food delivery?

I have changed my diet recently to include much healthier, organic options. For example, I have been buying only grass-fed meat, pasture-raised chicken, and organic pasture-raised eggs.

My supermarket only sells genetically modified cornmeal-fed meat and chicken products. Not what I want at all anymore!

I do not eat anything that is reduced fat or nonfat, and use only whole, full fat milk and dairy products from grass-fed cows and sheep.

I have quit using all seed oils for cooking and only use grass-fed beef fat, bacon fat, grass-fed butter…or coconut, avocado, and macadamia nut oil for high heat cooking. I also use extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin avocado for raw eating on my salads. (See Seed Oils: Not As Healthy As You Think)

By the way, there is no such thing as “vegetable” oil. Vegetable oil is simply a marketing gimmick term for a mix of oils, like corn and canola, which is a grain and seed (rapeseed) oil respectively. As for olive oil…Olives are a fruit, not a vegetable. Same with avocado.

All of these things are counter to what mainstream medicine tells us, which I believe is all a LIE.  If their advice was true, we wouldn’t have these unbelievable epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease that we’ve seen over the last 50 years. Facts! Look it up…

Since I changed my diet back to the way we used to eat pre-1950, I have lost 30 lbs without even thinking about it.

But it is hard to find real grass-fed and pasture-raised products. My supermarket does not sell them widely. I now get them from one butcher in my area that sells grass-fed meat and I order my pasture-raised chicken and no-sugar bacon online from Thrive Market.

Organic Food Online

Thrive Market is an online store which delivers organic foods, such as grass-fed meat and pasture raised chicken, to your door.

I have been using them lately and I love their selections and customer service. They are responsive and the prices are good, as well as limited steep discounts which are offered regularly.

If you are looking to increase your health and quality of life through diet, like I have, then I recommend you take a look at Thrive Market.

​Mike J Anthony

Thrive Market Organic Food Delivery