Why Vitamin K2 MK-4 Should Be In Your Diet

Vitamin K2 is one of those vitamins that is not very prevalent in the Standard American Diet (SAD). K2 is generally found in cultured or fermented foods like hard cheese and raw yogurt which come from grass fed and finished cow’s and sheep’s milk. It is also found in grass fed and finished meats and pasture-raised poultry and egg yolks.

Vitamin K1 is found in green leafy vegetables and K2 is mostly found in animal products, except fermented soy (Natto), which also has K2, mostly in MK-7 form. 

Not all K2 is created equal. There are many variations of K2 all the way up to MK-13. But the most nutritionally important variation is MK-4.

Here are reasons why the MK-4 version of K2 should be in your diet…

  • MK-4 is the only K2 in the breast milk of mammals, including humans.
  • MK-4 is the only K2 that can move across the placental barrier of the fetus.
  • MK-4 is critical for proper bone, jaw, skull, and dental development in utero.
  • MK-4 is the only K2 present in our brains.
  • MK-4 is required for the use of myelin.
  • MK-4 helps in maintaining brain cell membrane structure.
  • MK-4 is the highest concentration of K2 in human tissue.
  • MK-4 is necessary for life.
  • MK-4 activates Vitamin K Dependent Proteins (VKDP).
  • MK-4 activates Matrix Gla Protein (MGP) – the strongest inhibitor of vascular calcification (hard plaque buildup).
  • MK-4 activates Osteocalcin, which directs calcium into the bones.
  • MK-4 is the bioactive form on the genetic and metabolic level.
  • MK-4 reduces inflammation.
  • MK-4 is the most biologically active form of Vitamin K2.
  • MK-4 maintains the integrity of our skin.
  • MK-4 is readily absorbed by the body.
  • MK-4 is a cofactor in cellular production of energy in the electron transport chain.
  • MK-4 is naturally found in grass-fed and finished animals, organs, meats, pasture-raised eggs, pasture-raised butter, pasture-raised ghee, pasture-raised cheese, pasture-raised yogurt, organic non-GMO natto, and other fermented foods.

The highest source of this most amazing MK-4 form of K2 is found in genuine Australian Emu Oil. This Emu oil also contains fatty acids Omega-3/6/7/9, Vitamins A/D3/E, and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

Vitamin K2 MK-4 is not found in most American Emu oils, so it must come from the wild emus of Australia, the only country in the world where these particular emus are found.

Currently, there are only 2 companies I know of that sell the real deal 100% Australian emu products, and not the watered down, filtered, inferior emu oil imposters…

One is at WalkAboutHealthProducts.com, but they are usually sold out of capsules.

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