Why We Need Grow United Blockchain

Deceptive business practices, mismanagement, non-transparency, consolidation, supply chain disruptions, unhealthy farming methods, and a myriad of other nefarious things going on in the agriculture industry is reason enough to support a blockchain such as Grow United.

Just look at what happened recently in the poultry market:

After collapse of Cooks Venture, chicken farmers look for answers

Poultry growers face stress and financial hardship from the sudden closure of an Arkansas-based company. State intervention made things worse, they say. (Agriculture Dive, April 2024)

The above is just one of hundreds of egregious management missteps occurring on a regular basis across the food and agriculture industry, while needlessly raising the cost of food everywhere.

The Solution: Grown United Blockchain


Grow United Blockchain supports a decentralized global farming industry.

Decentralizing the farming industry refers to shifting away from centralized agricultural practices, towards a more distributed and diversified model involving smaller, independent farmers and local communities.

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