Learn the Truth About Cholesterol and Saturated Fat

Here’s a great video on ‘The Big MYTH Behind Heart Disease & What Actually Causes It’…

A few comments from the above video:


I’ve been doing Keto, IF (Intermittent Fasting) and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for over 3 years and reversed my fatty liver, all my health problems went away, my arthritis is 80% better and my blood pressure dropped to 127/81, I’m 60 and don’t remember ever having normal blood pressure.

Precocious Sceptic

My mother in law turns 90 this year.  She has cooked all her own food from scratch her entire life.  No health issues other than arthritis in her knees from years of gardening. So when her doctor recently diagnosed her with high cholesterol and prescribed statins.  This exact same scenario happened with my grandmother but she took the statins and guess what happened?  Her always sharp mind deteriorated very quickly.  So we learned our lesson and told my mother in law not to take them.

Christopher Jewell

Thanks for the informative talk. My doctor doesn’t seem to understand or understand the reason for having any of the tests you mention. I am on an almost-keto diet eating no processed food and no sugar other than some fruit/berries and my triglycerides and HDL are excellent.
Functional Medicine seems to be the way to go rather than just treating the symptoms with drugs instead of discovering the root cause.
Unfortunately the mainstream medical profession doesn’t accept functional medicine as being anything other than quackery, at least according to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Functional_medicine) – you might like to update that page!

The Truth About LDL Cholesterol

But interestingly, Dr. Nadir Ali says that we shouldn’t be so concerned about LDL levels either…(see video below)

‘Do statins prevent or cause heart disease? Should LDL be called “bad” Cholesterol?’ by Dr. Nadir Ali (31:39min)

This next video actually happened to me, a cholesterol spike after doing regular intermittent fasting.  On my next cholesterol test, my Dr. went crazy and gave me a bunch of free statins, which I then threw away…(see video below)
Why Do You Get High Cholesterol After Intermittent Fasting? – Dr. Eric Berg (3:45min)

The Truth About Cholesterol

So, the point is that ALL of these DOCTORS and Cardiologists, and there are countless more, all saying, and past actual studies support, that Cholesterol actually causing heart disease is a MYTH, except under certain conditions, which is not most people.

But most Americans are still needlessly prescribed statin drugs anyway. Big Pharma-driven medicine anyone? What happened to individual patient care in our country?

Even the AHA, who is in bed with the pharmaceutical industry, does not support limiting cholesterol anymore like they used to pre-2015. All facts you can verify yourself!

The Truth About Saturated Fat

This is something that really needs to come out in the open, because it is still kept in the dark like a mushroom.

The main problem that mainstream media and medicine still has is NOT separating bad saturated fats from good ones, like they do with polyunsaturated fats, i.e. Omega 3 and 6, etc.

They lump saturated fats into 1 category, and that’s the “bad” category. This is NOT true!  The body does need good saturated fats too! The truth is: we need them all!  Here’s some more “food” (pun intended) for your own research.

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