High Quality Heirloom Pasture Raised Chicken

I’ve been buying some of the best chicken I’ve ever had and at great prices too, thanks to Thrive Market’s chicken which comes from Cooks Venture farms in Arkansas.

On the Thrive Market blog, they have an article written which explains all about where how they came to source their chicken that is high quality, pasture raised meat that is much more nutritious than typical chicken found at the local grocery.

From the Thrive Market blog below…

As a Product Innovator for Thrive Market Meat and Seafood, Mike Hacaga has visited a lot of poultry farms, but within minutes of arriving at the home of Cooks Venture—an 800-acre farm in Arkansas—he could tell this one was different. For starters, the chicken pasture was outfitted with a number of structures called “enrichments”—perches and shelters designed for the chickens to exercise their natural, habitual instincts. The innovative poultry barn doors (roughly 6 feet in width and spaced about 10 to 12 inches apart) span nearly the entire length of the building. Every morning, those same doors—which also double as ramps—open up and remain that way all day. This practice alone is pretty rare, but Hacaga was most surprised by what happened next: chickens began streaming out of the barn and venturing deep into the open pasture.

  “Chickens are typically very nervous birds, so they don’t usually travel too far from the coop. They also get tired very quickly because of the way they’re bred—their legs don’t mature quickly enough to support the weight of their bodies. So, to see these strong birds streaming out of the coop and then running and jumping around on the pasture—it was truly incredible,” Hacaga said.

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